Biotechnology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences borne enzyme degradation of organophosphorus pesticides in the development project, recently organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, through the results of identification.
According to reports, researchers from the contaminated soil can filter out a degradation of organophosphorus pesticides in bacteria, and organic phosphorus degrading enzyme cloned the gene encoding its molecular transformation within the molecular expression of organophosphorus hydrolase to 6 g / l, is at home and abroad reported the highest organic phosphorus degrading enzyme expression.
Study showed that the expression of recombinant organophosphorus hydrolase in Pichia pastoris has good security, no resistance marker, training process does not secrete toxic substances. And make use of expression vectors for the success of organic phosphorus degrading enzyme secreted into the extracellular, simplifying the post-processing enzymes, reducing production costs.

Enzyme degradation of organophosphorus pesticides developed