In the people-oriented principle, it focuses on the common development of the company and its employees by associating business development strategies with employees’ career development plans, and integrates staff training and development into the company’s development planning to achieve coordinated improvement. It takes efforts to comprehensively strengthen training for all types of employees, to preserve and increase human capital value.
The company, advocating building a learning enterprise and a learning team, is dedicated to building a training system with our own characteristics, so as to construct a broad platform for the studying, training and development of all employees. Through continuously improving the training management system and operation mechanism, it has initially formed a management system characterized by overall planning and the division of labor, an orderly and highly efficient operating mechanism, and an incentive and restraint mechanism integrating the selection, training and use of talents.
The Company develops training programs by grades and categories annually in line with the company’s development strategies, the job requirements, and the needs of employees’ career development to ensure that employees can participate in appropriate training at different stages of their career lives, including entry (post) training, business knowledge and skills training, job qualifications and certifications training, special training and so on. The Company pays attention to employees’ professional competence training as well as the improvement of their overall quality, enhancing comprehensive education and training for employees.
The company attaches great importance to the pertinence and effectiveness of training, continuously improving the scale, quality and efficiency of training. The trainings are conducted by combining theoretical study and practical training and other forms, to satisfy the multi-level training needs of employees and promote their overall development. The Company actively enhances training innovation, optimizes training contents, and improves training methods by cooperating with various training institutions. In addition, it pays attention to the cooperation and exchanges with universities and research institutions at home and abroad in personnel training, to broaden training channels, enhance training effectiveness, and continuously improve the operating level and professional skills of all types of employees.
In December 2010, taking the opportunity of off-season in winter, the company implemented training for all employees in four batches, and the main contents of training cover communication, sales skills, organizational behavior, financial management and so on. Through such training, employees have improved their skills. All of the staff reflected upon the weak links in their work by taking into consideration the characteristics of their own positions, resolutely avoiding the “short-board effect”. These training activities further enhanced the skills of the company’s employees.

Carrying out Sales Staff Training in Off-seasons